Hello Third Trimester!

I cannot believe our 3rd baby will be here in 11 short weeks! As I began to write this post, I was sorting through some old photos and stumbled upon Hunters 1st birthday pictures…

That seemed like decades ago! And he will be 5 and starting Kindergarten this year. I’m not one to go back and get emotional about these things, I really do believe that relationships only get richer with time and feel excited for what the future holds, but it does cause me to stop and think about what I would love to focus on as the new member of our family comes to join us. What did I focus too much on while the boys were little? What did I miss out on because of my own agenda? Was a huge first birthday party really necessary? (haha) Who knows! But I think theres some wisdom in letting our history help us in our future decision making. All that to say I am trying to pick a word this year to help FOCUS me and remind me of where the Lord would love me to be. Lately a few have been on my heart:



SIMPLIFY: Simplifying ALL areas of my life-starting with my house! Those of you who know me know that I am not the most organized! I can get into these nesting modes and make a spot look AMAZING and then a month later its back to the chaos. Simplifying (thanks to Marie Kondo) would be purging things I don’t need to prevent the buildup that constantly occurs …I’m sure I will speak on this more in the weeks to come as we prep for baby but I do believe the Lord is calling me to simplify my home and simplify my priorities.

TRUTH: I also feel as though I am DESPERATE for truth in my life. I find my truth in scripture, Gods word. The truth that I have a hard time knowing and accepting is who God made me to be, my identity. I find myself believing the truths about what the world tells me about who I am, what culture says I should be as a mom and wife etc. I also tend to look to others for advice on what I should be doing, where I should be focusing my time and energy, and that leads me feeling depleted and insecure. So for this year I pray that the TRUTH really does set me free, in acknowledging and recognizing who God says I am, who He created me to be, and I pray I allow that to be the driving force for ALL my decisions.

Have you felt there was a theme word or maybe verse this year that you want to focus on? Hopefully, (with giving ourselves some grace), we can come to the end of 2019 feeling refreshed, feeling we were present, and feeling we are closer to Christ. Heres to 2019-and Heres to 11 more weeks until baby! AH!


Brittany Sewell