When I think about balance in my life I feel this is a place that the Lord is really trying to help me. One area that I seem to have a consistent struggle in is finding a healthy balance of time spent on my phone. Whether that be texting with friends or scrolling on social media, it seems to be a constant pull of my attention off of the present and on to some distraction. I think about my family and how much joy this could be stealing from them when their mom is constantly at the beck and call of a phone! (No pun intended).

So a few things I have done to help me with balance is creating some much needed boundaries. To me this means taking occasional breaks from the distractions. I’ve deleted social media apps off my phone for periods of times and only allowed myself to browse during nap times on my computer. You could utilize the DO NOT DISTURB setting on your phone so the constant ringing and pinging doesn’t force you to choose between checking your phone and being present and focused at what you’re already doing.

This is something I have not mastered by any means, I’m just now learning the importance of balancing my time on my phone! But I feel we are called to have healthy boundaries and balance in our lives and I know God will continue to refine me in this area, with His help thankfully.


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Brittany Sewell