Life Lately


Hello friends!

Currently it is Christmas Eve-my boys are watching their morning show and we are all about to go on a family “hike”-or attempt to hike.

I've had so many thoughts this year about “getting back into blogging” since I deleted my main instagram page and how I’ve communicated with all of you, but I never felt like it was important because I did not have a big audience anymore. Sounds dumb right? But I spent 2 years building a following of great girls who shared the same interest of style and fashion like me, it seemed silly to put effort into this hobby when I am not even sure who/if anyone would be interested in listening. There’s the other aspect I have battled with for awhile which I’ve talked about with you all before- and thats the “whats it all for” questions I’ve had. Life is really busy with two little ones-and another baby on the way- and to be honest keeping the Lord as my top priority and my focus can be challenging-so it seemed irresponsible to add another thing to my plate that could potentially distract me from my walk with the Lord, and my calling as a mom & wife. So that is why the blog has been left dormant for the past almost year-I have not found a place for it, but I still cant part with it. The cathartic feeling of writing and processing things while I have my worship music in the background is so refreshing to my soul, and the joy I get out of (what some may call “superficial” ) beauty and styling is a nice bonus.

I’m hoping to do some more writing on here, so follow along with me if you’re interested. I’m not sure what it will look like-so for now, as with all things-lets take it one day a time. Today is Christmas Eve, my favorite day of the year. So let’s be present amidst the chaos and the running, and gifts and the family. Let’s just be where our feet are. I pray the end of this year doesn’t pass by without serious reflection of the direction I am going, and maybe that’s what you need too. Direction, purpose, passion, and hope. I know where to look for that. I know to look to Christ for this. I pray you know that too, and whenever the way gets blurry, let’s not look too far ahead, lets just look right where our feet are, and place one foot ahead of the other.

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet
   and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

His word is a lamp to guide my feet-not a spotlight to show me my future, but just the gentle glow of whats in front of me. Let’s start there. Where our feet are. And let Him guide the rest.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Brittany Sewell