Dependence on Christ

As a mom of young boys, I truly understand the word dependence. My children are dependent on me for everything: food, shelter, love, teaching and training, and the list goes on! and on and on... What a beautiful picture of what our relationship to Christ should be. Our job as parents is to instruct and guide our little ones so that they can grow up and become strong contributors to society that can not only survive in the real world, but thrive completely independent from us.

But I couldn't help but think the other day of the stark difference this is from our walk with the Lord. All our life, all the lessons, all the struggles and all the blessings are all intertwined to teach us to be solely dependent on Christ. In contrast to a child and parent, the older we get the more we should depend on our heavenly father. He created us to be dependent on Him. While trying to teach my kids to be independent from me, I am trying to teach them the same lesson I am still trying to learn: to rely on the Lord for everything: to thank him for providing food and shelter, for loving us FIRST and sending His son to die for us, for patiently teaching and training us to mold us into His image, and the list goes on! and on and on....

The beauty of the Lord is that He not only created us to depend on Him, He is GLORIFIED when we are reliant on Him. When we come to Him with anything, big or small, He is pleased and glorified. The misconception that we are selfish little children coming to our father for every petty thing can create such an unnecessary chasm between you and God. God wants your heart, He wants it all. I pray we learn to become as young children, unashamadily needy of our Father every moment of every day.

"You didn't choose me. I chose you..." John 15:16