Starting baby on solids 4-6months

Solids can be added to baby's diet anywhere from 4-6 months of age. Each baby is different, and their little bodies will decide when they are needing to start. Hunter was showing me signs he was ready at 5 months. He was so curious every time I was eating something! But he also started waking in the night, and that could be a sign that they are ready for something more.

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This is how we started.

Weeks 1-2

1 Teaspoon rice cereal mixed with formula or breast milk at morning feeding.

Increase to as much as baby wants up to 4-5 tablespoons in the coming weeks

The amount of liquid you add will depend on how soupy you want the rice cereal. The soupier the better for these beginners! Hunter loved the rice cereal. We are now doing 1 Tablespoon every morning.

Increase the frequency to 2-3 times a day AFTER bottle/breast feeding. To jump start the solids you can nurse one side (or offer half a bottle) then do solids, then finish nursing/the bottle after.

Weeks 2-4
Add in Yellow Vegetables (Squash and Carrots) ***try one vegi for 3 days before adding in another***

Start with Yellow vegetables, preferably at the noon/lunchtime feeding (this give you the rest of the day to look for allergic reaction signs: rash, vomiting, diarrhea)

Vegetables should be introduced before fruits, because fruits are so sweet, babies usually have a hard time taking vegetables if they try the sweet stuff first! Wouldn't you?

I started with one tablespoon of homemade, purred butternut squash and Hunter LOVED it! I also do purred carrots. (Steam squash (remove seeds & skin) and carrots in steam basket until soft, then puree with added purified water for consistency, freeze leftovers)

Increased to 2-3 tablespoons at two separate feedings for a week. Let baby determine the amount. At this point (between 4-6 months) it's more for fun  then nutritive.

Weeks 4-6

Add in Green Vegetables (Peas, and green beans)  ***try one vegi for 3 days before adding in another***

Weeks 6-8
Add in fruits, start by mixing purred fruit with cereal.  ***try one fruit for 3 days before adding in another***

Eventually baby's menu will look like this:

Breakfast: Cereal and Fruits


Lunch: Vegetables and fruits


Dinner: Cereal, vegetables and fruits. 

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