MUST GET Registry Items for Baby

As I near my due date, I've been compiling a list of items that are a MUST for baby #2. As most of you know, having your first you can definitely feel prepared that you already have everything you need. But I reached out to many friends who have just popped out there second bundle of joys, and here are some great things they suggested.

1) MANUAL breast pump: CLICK HERE

I already have a breast pump that I love: THIS ONE!

But my friend suggested to get a manual one for the times you have to be on the go. She literally walked into a girls night with it filled with breast milk she pumped in the car on the way! HA! LOVE IT! So easy to use and easy to clean!

2) A White Noise Sound Machine: CLICK HERE

This should be my #1, because it is so very necessary! Especially with a toddler running around, you want to ensure your new babe has the best opportunity to sleep. Research shows that there is a constant "white noise" swooshing sound when baby is in your womb, so they are comforted by this after they are born! This is my favorite sound machine, my husband and I actually use it as well, and it can be portable.

3) 2 Camera Baby monitor: CLICK HERE

I originally thought of just buying a brand new monitor for the baby's room, but then thought how annoying it would be to carry around 2 monitor screens to see and hear both babies! So I opted for the 2 camera baby monitor, You can split screen between both kids and only have to worry about ONE monitor screen, PERFECT!

4) Swaddle: CLICK HERE!

I have a LOT of swaddle blankets from Hunter, but in the past 2 years there have been some awesome new companies that have made COMFY and efficient swaddles. I LOVE this one because it actually GROWS with the baby, so you don't have to buy a new one every few weeks your babe grows!

5) Double Stroller: BOB Click Here! and the City Select Click Here!

As most of you know I love to work out, so getting a double stroller was a MUST! The BOB is great for off-roading, jogging, and is SO easy to maneuver! It can be bulky for those mall shopping trips, so the City Select is another option that has stacked seating, so it is easier to fit in and out of tight spaces. If you can grab both, do it! It may motivate you to get up and out of the house as well which is so important.

6) Wearing Baby: Moby Wrap: Click Here! and the Ergo 360: Click Here!

I used the old school Ergo literally EVERYDAY with Hunter, he LOVED it. Especially when doing big grocery shopping trips, he slept in the Ergo and I had the entire cart that I could load up without having a carseat in it. The Ergo 360 allows for 4 positions which is great as baby grows. The moby wrap is SUPER lightweight (great for sweaty summers) and easily transportable.