Hunter's 3rd Birthday Party!

We had Hunter's 3rd Birthday party last weekend! It was pretty simple because we had a petting zoo come so I felt like I didn't have to do much as far as entertainment goes, which was awesome! However,  Hunter was petrified of the animals. So sad haha. He spent the majority of the party hiding in the corner and then once the animals left he came out for cake :) But the other kids had fun so that was a success!

The cake was probably my favorite. My sister and brother in law made it! Like spent so much time cutting out the letters and creating the cake! so sweet! And the cake topper is from one of my good friends who has an amazing shop here: Two Chihuahuas where you can find the topper and a ton of other DARLING items for your home or for special occasions!

Easter is this weekend, can you believe it? I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend reflecting on what I believe is the must crucial and beautiful part of the Christian faith. Jesus dying for us and then defeating death for us, because He loves us. Thank you Lord.

Brittany Sewell