BRITT'S BEST: New Year, New Goals


I have compiled a few photos from my favorite bloggers to help motivate you this new year!

Also, I have a few goals this year that I would love to share with you. They are nothing too crazy, but perfectly fitting for a momma of two young babes. I pray you take time to think about what direction you would like to go this year, and remember "We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9

What a great reminder of the truth that takes the pressure off of ourselves and turns our focus onto what matters most! Happy 2017!

Dress:   ASOS   | Bag:   YSL  ,   Similar   | Lipstick:   Bella   | Shoes:   ASOS      HER BLOG HERE!

Dress: ASOS | Bag: YSLSimilar | Lipstick: Bella | Shoes: ASOS


Britt's 2017 Resolutions:

1)  Marriage

I have been blessed to have a great marriage. Although its not perfect, we strive to really truly know and love one another. Little things help along the way, date nights, random love notes etc. So our little goal to continue to romance is to always kiss goodnight. Sounds so silly I'm sure but after 5 years of marriage you can forget to do these things (at least we do! ;) ) HERE is a good reminder for your bedroom! 

2) Household

Plan and Organize is always my goal for the new year. But this year I bought a brand new planner and have been intentional about making TO DO lists every day. I use the overall calendar to jot important events, and the day to day pages to keep track of my to do list. HERE is a simple planner I use. 

3) Family

This is something I am totally embarrassed to admit but we have fallen into a habit of eating dinner on the couch. Every night! oh gosh! With two small kids I know its necessary to implement eating at the actual table each night, so it is well established for when they are older. 

4) Faith 

Ok while we are at spilling all things I am terrible at, let's just get it all out there! Spending daily time in the word is something I have not made time to do everyday. Or every week. Maybe once a month? OYE! So I just bought THIS devotional and LOVE it (on day 4 only but still) It is quick but gives further scripture references to dive in deeper if you want. I set an alarm every morning to remind me to go through it. 




Sweater | Bedding | Headboard (mine is king and I purchased w/the full bed) | Nightstands | Leopard Bolster | Rug | Reading glasses are Gucci - Fall 2014?

*edited! Blanket was a gift from Elle’s mom for Christmas! I found similar HERE & HERE & HERE

Brittany Sewell